MIAM ! (2008)

What is going on above the shelves of a supermarket ?

Teammates : Laurent Harduin, Delphine Bourgois, Pierre-Vincent Cabourg, Victor Phrakronkham
Music by Samy Cheboub.
I was responsible to rendering, lighting, FX and compositing.

Some pictures :



This is some research for a short film supinfocom which was abandoned due to time constraints. The project was a musical comedy featuring a king crocodile enslaving its subjects, rats. They rebelled and poisonned their sovereign.

I was responsible to the modeling scene, some characters, rendering, textures, shaders, lighting, compositing and some concepts.
The film should be done in 3DS max studio 2009 and Vray.

Some illustrations :

Modeling and texturing tests :

Colors and lights study :

Rendering tests :